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Lisa hase-jackson

Flint & Fire

The Word Works, 2019

Lisa Hase-Jackson strikes the flinty surfaces of living and ignites a fire that both clarifies and illuminates. Spanning divorce, single motherhood, individuality, and love, Flint & Fire is a collection that burns with brave and honest beauty.

about the author

Lisa Hase-Jackson is author of Fline & Fire (The Word Works, 2019), winner of the Hilary Tham Capital Collection prize, and Insomnia in Another Town (Clemson University Press), which won the Converse MFA Alumni Prize for Poetry.

Lisa’s poetry explores the complexities of interpersonal relationships and the opaque nature of family history tenderness and clarity while investigating place and displacement; animal life and strange weathers; the exigencies of race, class, and gender as childhood memories emit a dark radiance by which to navigate the present. Born in Portland, Oregon and raised in the Midwest and Southwest, Lisa currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina,

My Books

Flint & Fire

Flint & Fire


After the Ban

Folio of Poems

Finding Mom

Her Own Girl



You Find Yourself in Kansas City



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